Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week 10 - Determination counts?

Starting weight: 14st 1lb (197lb)
Ending weight: 14st 1lb (197lb)
Change: none
Week 10 Target: 13st 7lb (189lb) behind by 8lb

I maintained my weight.

I am not happy about that.

Actually I'm quite gutted. I really wanted a loss, just a tiny one, to start 2013 well.

Time to be a realist though. I haven't done any of my normal walking for the last 2 weeks, and half of last week still had lots of holiday food involved. Looking at it like that, maintaining doesn't seem so bad I suppose. But I'm still not happy.

The not walking has hit me harder than I had thought it would. Getting back to it yesterday and doing a good 3 mile circuit of all my customers' houses had me flagging by half way and contemplating phoning G-man to pick me up. I haven't felt like that in a good few months and I didn't like it. I pushed on through it though and felt better for it. I can see very clearly now that the more I walk the fitter I become and I need to find ways of getting more walking into my life.

This week I also started my pushups challenge. One of my goals for 13 in 13 is to do the one hundred pushups challenge. It's a 6 week challenge where you gradually build up your pushup strength, doing 3 workouts per week.

At the moment I can't even do one pushup so I'm doing the challenge with wall pushups. Once I've managed 100 of those I'll repeat the challenge with inclined pushups, and then move into doing 100 standard pushups.

I've been haphazardly doing a few sets of wall pushups every week for a couple of months. But I kept forgetting to do them and didn't seem to be getting very far. I was quite nervous about this challenge but knew it would help push me.

Boy was I right! I haven't nearly been pushing myself hard enough before!

On my initial test last weekend I managed 27 pushups, over double what I'd been doing before! That felt very good! Then when I entered that number 27 into the iPhone app it told me I should consider starting on week 3, level 3! Nothing like being told you were fitter than you though to cheer you up. Yay!

I powered through the first 2 work out days on Tuesday and Thursday. But then Saturday came with that horrible weigh in in the morning, then the exhausting 3 mile walk and I put the pushups to the back of my mind wanting a rest.

By the evening I was feeling very annoyed with myself for feeling so low about the lack of weight gain and feeling unfit again. I was thinking it wasn't fair, blaming all the bad food over Christmas and the New Year.

And then it occurred to me.

I am to blame.

I ate that bad food. I decided not to walk for 2 weeks. I had decided to skip my pushups workout.

The only person who can change this is me. And I have to actually do something, not just wait for that magic to happen.

So, half an hour before bedtime, I did that 3rd workout.

It was HARD. I was very tired and my arms wobbled like mad during the last set. But I DID IT and managed to do 122 reps over the 5 sets, 42 more than the first session on Tuesday.

Seeing that progress made me feel proud. G-man said he waas proud of me too.

That felt GOOD.

So yesterday ended on a good note :)

I may not have lost weight this week, but I've gained some guts and determination to make up for it. Being over half a stone behind the weigh loss target is still bugging me. But I'm looking on that in a good way that will make me knuckle down even more.

I've set up a Pushups Progress page where I can track all those pushups and feel better about myself as those numbers go up as I get fitter :)

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