Friday, 4 January 2013

Back to reality

As soon as I wrote the title to this post this song started playing in my I thought I'd pass on the ear-worm. A little blast from the past for you all!

Things here are slowly returning to normal. The Christmas decorations are almost all down, G-man is back at work and I'm settling back into my household and other routines with the boys.

I've also got a new reality to adapt to. I've started to make time for new routines, make plans for future goals, get out of bad holiday habits and start working towards some of my 13 in 13 goals.

My body clock is very confused with the switch from lazy mornings/late nights to waking before dawn. Elf-baby is finding it hard too as well as missing G-man in the day so is extra clingy in the day and feeding loads at night, making me even more exhausted. But so far I'm soldering on.

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

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