Sunday, 30 December 2012

Week 9 - Festive Food

Starting weight: 14st 4lb (200lb)
Ending weight: 14st 1lb (197lb)
Change: -3lb
Week 9 Target: 13st 8lb (190lb) Behind by 7lb

I'm feeling much more positive after a week of festive but primal-ish meals with the odd treat here and there.

Christmas Eve was our traditional smoked salmon salad, so perfectly primal there! We just bent the rules a little with pudding using up the meringues my mum had given us with some berries and whipped double cream. A bit too sugary, but grain free at least.

Festive cookies
We also made sure that we kept grain free in our 'Santa' duties on Xmas Eve, filling stockings and putting presents under the tree. A while ago I had gently suggested to No1 Son that Santa was now grain intolerant and wouldn't be able to eat his usual treat. He had a think and asked to make grain free cookies for him instead. I found this recipe on Pinterest and DS1 and I made up the mixture ready for G-man to toll out and cut into festive star shapes. DS1 then decorated them with icing and hundreds and thousands. They were very yummy and 'Santa' decorated a few himself when he visited!

mince pie+cream
G-man also helped make some primal 'pastry' for the home-made mincemeat left over from 4 years ago (yes it keeps for that long!). The resulting mince pies were very nice, especially with a dollop of whipped double cream.

Christmas Day we were at my brothers house where I indulged in lots of lovely pate, olives and cold cuts for the starter (staying away from the crusty bread), followed by lovely slow cooked beef rib, roast capon and a big pile of veg and a few roast spuds. I also treated myself to a small amount of stuffing and then some xmas pudding but that was it for grains. I ate my cheese course with some onion chutney avoiding the crackers and only had a small amount of the champagne, wine and port that was being offered. Overall a very satisfying meal without all the bloating and over-full feeling that usually accompanies Xmas Day.

Boxing day I slipped totally when visiting relatives and ate bread and pastries and drank coke. I'm still working off the cravings as a result. We've also eaten out for a lot of other meals since so I probably would have lost a bit more weight (I know I hit 13st 13 midweek before the Boxing day grains). But it's Christmas and I didn't really expect to stay totally on track.

We usually get some food gifts and this year is no exception: 2 tins of biscuits, 4 milk chocolate selection boxes, and 3 bags of chocolate coins. The chocolate gifts are proving hard to resist, but the biscuits haven't been touched and G-man said he'd take them into work next week to treat his colleagues so I won't be tempted by all that evil wheat.

G-man is proving to be my rock this week. On Xmas Day we were given a reminder notice re my brother's wedding next year and G-man wrote the following on it and stuck it next to the treats shelf in the kitchen to help with my motivation:
Save the Date! (and lose the weight!)
Overall I think it's been a good week considering the time of year. I'm still behind in my target...but less than I was last week which is a GOOD THING and there's plenty of time to catch up before next October.

Merry Christmas & onto the New Year!

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