Monday, 17 December 2012

Wedding Weight Loss Week 7 - Mojo gone?

Starting weight: 14st 0lb (196lb)
Ending weight: 14st 2lb (198lb
Change: +2lb
Week 7 Target: 13st 11lb (193lb) Missed by 5lb

Lost my mojo in a big way this weekend. The reason for my lethargy and low mood on Friday became clear when my period turned up that evening. One week early which totally threw me. Possibly New Moon related? Or just breastfeeding related as Elfbaby is cutting molars and feeding a lot more as result so maybe prevented ovulation (which I know from experience means I get a shorter cycle). Whatever the reason it was a total bitch of an AF and with everything else going on I totally forgot to weight myself on Saturday am for my weekly report. Without that number sitting in my head reminding me of where I am where I want to be, and a good dose of CBA (can't be arsed) all my good intentions left me. I pigged out on a McDonalds lunch and then pasta bake followed by cheesecake for supper.

When I did remember to step on the scales on Sunday morning I was 2lb heavier than last week. Ugh! I could feel myself spiralling out of control and wanting to say sod it and pig out. All those carbs on Saturday had left me with major cravings. But....I clawed myself back, did 4 sets of push-ups, that left me feeling stronger than I tentatively tried out some squats with great success and then sent hubby out for some primal snacks and baking ingredients.

Overall the day ended very well. I ate absolutely masses, but it was all primal stuff, no refined sugar or grains and being able to do squats without my pelvis breaking in two has bounced me back from the gloom. I know I've got a lot of catching up to do this week, and with Christmas fast approaching it will be a challenge. But I cannot let my demons win this time.

Onward and downward!

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