Friday, 14 December 2012


I've hit my first lull in my wedding weight loss efforts. So far this week I've managed to gain 2lbs through some bad choices and can't seem to get them back off again. I know I just need to knuckle down and keep going...but despair is beginning to set in. Suddenly that 9 stone goal is running away from me rather than me running towards it :(

The last few days have been very hectic with a total house clean ready for the letting agent inspection, the last of the Christmas Avon brochures to sort, deliver & collect, old car stresses and new car excitement....maybe I'm just exhausted?

Maybe I just need a good rest day with plenty of good primal food to get me back on track again?

I have a jug of my favourite primal soup in the fridge I will reheat for my lunch, a box of my favourite herbal tea to keep me warm during the rest of the day and the boys seem happy with a quiet tv/toys I think that's what we'll do...not much in particular and recharge our batteries :)

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