Sunday, 30 December 2012

Signing up to 13 in 13

After seeing Joy's post here about the 13 in 13 Challenge, I've decided to join in and set myself 13 goals for the next year. I have big plans for the next few years so I think having some well defined goals in 2013 will help me stay focussed and motivated.

From the 13 in 13 page @ Weight Wars:
Set yourself 13 challenges for 2013, they will have a theme each month for you to focus on.

Each month, within your theme you will set a mini goal or two for just that month.

The thirteenth challenge will work slightly differently and that will be explained when you sign up!

You get to chose which months you participate or don't participate but if you take part in all 13 challenges you will be entered in to a prize draw.
I'm finalising my goals at the moment so will post again over the next few days when they are all set.

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