Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wedding Weight Loss Week 2 - Getting my geek on

Starting weight: 14st 8lb (205lb)
Ending weight: 14st 4lb (200lb)
Change: -4lb
Week 2 Target: 14st 5lb (203lb) Beat by 1lb!

Brilliant week!

Not only did I catch up from the shortfall of last week, but I got a bit ahead of schedule in the process! Feels really good to have achieved that. Good motivation in itself.

But I've not been idle keeping things moving this week. I've been reading Nerd Fitness for a while but this week decided the forum was just what I needed to stay on track so I joined up. As well as all the added motivation and accountability that goes with chatting about my goals there's lots of nerdy fun with numbers and earning points. Can't beat a bit of nerdy'ness :)

Food-wise I did struggle with some hunger pangs this week so I shall make sure to get some more primal-friendly snacks in to help me cope with coming down from my carb high. But overall I made good choices. On takeaway night I indulged in some grainy pizza, but abstained from the sugary pop I usually get with it and felt much better for it and had a lot less carb cravings the day after.

Exercise was fairly good this week. Delivery week for Avon so I pounded the pavement for a good 2/3 miles in all this weekend. I also started doing some wall push-ups in an effort to strengthen my core. I'm hoping that will help hold things together better and make my pelvis less unstable.

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