Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wedding Weight Loss Week 1 - Slowly but surely

Starting weight: 14st 9lb (205lb)
Ending weight: 14st 8lb (204lb)
Change: -1lb
Week 1 Target: 14st 7lb (203lb) Missed by +1lb

A modest start to my weight loss efforts...but 'week' 1 was only 5 days as I'd started on the Tuesday and moved the end of the week forward to Saturday so the end goal falls on the right day next year.

I'm happy with the loss, no matter how small, and surprisingly not quite hitting the target has made me more determined rather than disheartening me. I also found weighing myself every morning a great motivator too. I actually put a pound on on during the week but I didn't let that bigger number sabotage my efforts. I knuckled down and ignored all my comfort food cravings, making more primal choices instead.

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