Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Motivation matters

For most of my weight loss attempts my motivation was the goal itself. Nothing specific in mind, just a vague 'I want to lose weight' idea.

It never worked...until I started the Primal Blueprint and actually enjoyed eating the food that helped me lose weight. The longer I go without the bad things like wheat, rice and refined sugar the easier it gets because the rewards are so very tangible. The weight loss is good, but so is the healthy feeling I get too. Also, the longer I go without the junk, the more noticeable the side effects when I do go back to it.

There is a 'but' though...

I still like the junk. I hate what is does to my body, but my brain likes to override all the pain and yuckiness and think about the yummy taste instead. I have a bad case of rose-tinted junk goggles. Very often when I eat non-primal foods I end up eating more and more of them. I end up in a never-ending "Sod it!" place and just keep on until I end up really ill. I have zero self control.

So I've figured out that I need a little more motivation to help me make better choices and stay away from the junk. As I was racking my brain trying to conjure up something that would have some meaning to me....the perfect occasion fell into my lap. A family wedding! My brother got engaged last month and the date is set for October 2013. Perfect!

A few calculations, fiddling with various weight loss apps, and a spreadsheet later and I have it all worked out.

The Wedding Weight Loss Plan

I will lose between 1.5 and 2lb per week over the next 50 weeks

This will allow me to reach my goal weight of 9 stone one week before the wedding. I will then buy a lovely new outfit to show off my new figure at the wedding and have fun not worrying how I look or feel.

The How

To achieve this I will stick to Primal foods wherever possible. If I slip I will pick myself up and carry on, not letting the guilt drag me down. One bad snack does not mean I have a bad day/week/month. I will move on and find something more primal to eat next time.

I will weigh myself daily to monitor how my activities and diet are affecting my body. I will not lose heart if I stay static or gain. I will just make better choices and track my intake so I understand why.

I will conquer my willpower demons and teach my body that junk is bad for it. Weighing regularly will help with that, but I will also keep better track of of my other symptoms, so I know which foods are my biggest problem.

I will keep moving as much as I can. My new Avon business is proving great for this but I also want to add more walks to my week and explore more of the surrounding area with the boys.

...and I will do little things every week to help keep me on track and remind me where I am heading and record them here.

The Start

So this week is Week 1 - and I have hung a picture of a figure to aspire to, displayed in the kitchen where I will see it every time I go in there to get a drink or something to eat. Something to make me think twice about making the wrong choice:
I want those abs!

See you next week, 1.5lb lighter!

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