Saturday, 1 September 2012

A new blog

Over the past few years I've had lots of blogs about various aspects of my life. But I never really kept them going for very long. Each one got abandoned for the next big thing. I am a serial blog starter.

Hopefully A Greener Side of Purple will change that. I'm happy with the design, the software and the name (finally!) which is general enough to cover any and all of my latest fads.

Going by my previous blogs I will probably be rambling on about parenting, home education, women's issues, health, gardening, cooking and baking, fashion, beauty and, my current 'thing': weight loss, fitness and and all things primal/paleo. But of course being female I reserve the right to change my mind and write about anything and everything else that catches my eye ;-)

I look forward to sharing with you all. Comments are very welcome.

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